At De Obaldía & García de Paredes we represent our clients in commercial and corporate transactions. The consultancy offered by our lawyers includes recommendations on local and international operations related to routine contractual matters or more complicated matters of corporate finance, sales of corporate assets, or merger with or acquisition of another company, always in the fastest and most efficient way .

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Its services include drafting and advising on contracts and claims with the Panamanian and North American government, formation of companies, registration of trademarks
Born in 1960. Degree in Law and Political Science from the University of Santa Maria la Antigua (Honor Roll) 1983.
Nacida enBorn in 1972. Lawyer of the Santa Maria la Antigua University, Panama 1944. Master in Commercial Law at the University of Santa Maria la Antigua, Panama 1997. 1972. Abogada de la Universidad Santa Maria la Antigua, Panama 1944. Master en Derecho Mercantil en La universidad de Santa Maria la Antigua, Panama 1997.