De Obaldía & García de Paredes is a team of well known professionals with high ethical and confidentiality standards whom have vast experience and knowledge in local and international law, and exercise excellent administrative and organizational practices.

De Obaldía & García de Paredes has experienced a steady growth and developed a strong reputation in the local and international business community.

Its services include drafting and advising on contracts and claims with the Panamanian and North American government, formation of companies, registration of trademarks
Born in 1960. Degree in Law and Political Science from the University of Santa Maria la Antigua (Honor Roll) 1983.
Nacida enBorn in 1972. Lawyer of the Santa Maria la Antigua University, Panama 1944. Master in Commercial Law at the University of Santa Maria la Antigua, Panama 1997. 1972. Abogada de la Universidad Santa Maria la Antigua, Panama 1944. Master en Derecho Mercantil en La universidad de Santa Maria la Antigua, Panama 1997.
Born in Panama on August 11, 1967. With a license to practice law in the Republic of Panama since 1993.
Lawyer of the Latin University of Panama, Faculty of Rights and Political Sciences, 2001.
He was born in Panama, Republic of Panama. She obtained her law degree from the Latin American University of Science and Technology
Admitted to practice in 2012 - Republic of Panama.
Work experience: Patrimonial Responsibility (Court of Accounts 1995 -1998). Second Criminal Circuit Court 1998 - 2001. Fifth Civil Circuit Court 2001 - 2008.

The success of our law firm is due to the dedication of its partners, associates and staff towards its clients in providing personalized attention with essential characteristics such as: loyalty, quality, promptness and formality. The attorneys in the firm are constantly monitoring changes in local and international laws, specifically those related to the Roman (Napoleonic) and English systems, the modern trends in international law, thus guarantying world class service.

The lawyers that make up the team of legal advisors of De Obaldía & García de Paredes, keep up to date with the changes and trends of the local and international sphere, especially those related to the French and Anglo-Saxon Roman law system, the modern tendencies of law international, thus guaranteeing a world-class service.