De Obaldía & García de Paredes

De Obaldia & Garcia de Paredes, since its foundation in 1990, offers a range of legal services, from its modern offices located in the renown Financial Center of the City of Panama, Republic of Panama. Our practice, which has a global scope, and it is emphasized in the Latin American region, is based on the commitment of offering our clients, legal support in any part of the world.

Banking Law

The promulgation of Decree Law 9 of February 26, 1998, by which the Banking Regime is reformed and the Superintendency of Banks is created, has consolidated the Republic of Panama as an International Finance Center and the primary reason for the establishment in our country.

Commercial Law

At De Obaldía & García de Paredes we represent our clients in commercial and corporate transactions. The consultancy offered by our lawyers includes recommendations on local and international operations related to routine contractual matters or more complicated matters

Maritime Law

The Merchant Navy Fleet of the Republic of Panama was created through the enactment of Law 8 of 1925 and since then it has been one of the most prominent open registries in the world. Panama has maintained its international status for the different benefits it offers to the global maritime community.

Labor Law

In labor matters, the main procedures handled by our office are work permits for foreigners, authorizations for internal company regulations, occupational safety, negotiation of collective bargaining agreements, claims for unjustified dismissal, imposition of disciplinary


Our legal advisory services include the financial, banking, commercial, patent and mark registrations and procedural matters, judicial and arbitral aspects, among the most important.

In De Obaldia & Garcia de Paredes, we assist you in the performance of several corporate and commercial operations, particularly in:

  • Incorporation of local and international corporations, private interest foundations, issuance of board and shareholders minutes and related services.
  • Local and international arbitration.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Writing and advisory in contracts and claims with the Panamanian and North American Governments.
  • Registration of Marks, foods, patents and administrative proceedings in connection with these transactions.
  • Administrative and labor proceedings in general.
  • Banking and negotiable documents.
  • Tax and Custom Laws Agency, distribution and representation contracts Flag registration, registration of ship titles, mortgages and other related services.
  • Successions, family, contractual and extracontractual.
  • Contracts in general; leasing, purchase sale, options, promises, trusts, mortgages, antichresis and others.
  • Acquisition, sale, financial planning and issuance of shares.
  • Judicial proceedings in general.
  • Migration transactions.
  • Reforestación y Asuntos del Medio Ambiente.
  • Reforestation and Environmental matters

some of our lawyers

Our lawyers are bilingual, some with education received in prestigious foreign universities, which allow us to understand and evaluate the complexity of international business. This experience and knowledge allows De Obaldia & Garcia de Paredes to have a unique ability to offer the companies, government and to individuals, an exceptional legal service with the highest quality, as demanded by the international market of today.